Zendaya Fight Viral Video Real or Fake? Is She Beaten by Another Women?  Zendaya Fight Viral Video Real or Fake? Is She Beaten by Another Women? Did Zendaya get assaulted by another woman? Viral fight video debunked? IS SHE BEA*TEN BY ANOTHER WOMEN? Video Purporting to Show Zendaya Being Beaten Sparks Viral Debate. Zendaya Did Not Get beaten Up; The Viral Video of a Woman is Someone Who Resembles Her. Zendaya Fight Viral Video Real or Fake? Is She Bea*ten By Another Women?

Zendaya Fights Viral Video: How Twitter Reacted? Zendaya Fight Viral Video Real or Fake? IS SHE BEA*TEN BY ANOTHER WOMEN?

The video of Zendaya Coleman fighting her friend, which was originally posted on Twitter, spread like wildfire across the web, garnering almost 1 million views in just hours. Twitter users seemed to be either outraged or amused by the video, posting their reactions with the hashtag #TeamZendaya and #TeamMiriam . Here are some of the best reactions from Twitter users after watching Zendaya Coleman’s fight video.

Who Is Zendaya?

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman is an American actress and singer. She began her career appearing as a child model and backup dancer, before gaining prominence for her role as Rocky Blue on the Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up (2010–2013). Zendaya’s television work includes recurring roles in True Jackson, VP (2008), K.C. Is She Beaten by Another Women? Zendaya fight twitter video.

The Fight

Whether you’re a fan of Dancing with The Stars and Spider-Man: Homecoming star Zendaya Coleman or not, chances are you know about her fight with Star Sightings. After they posted a video that made fun of her hair and clothing, Zendaya clapped back with a self-made video mocking them in response.

The Aftermath

Celebrities are no strangers to controversy. From Miley Cyrus twerking at the VMAs to Donald Trump insulting everyone and everything under God’s sun, we’ve grown accustomed to famous folks making headlines for all the wrong reasons. But occasionally, a celebrity does something positive that makes us stand up and take notice—like when Zendaya had a run-in with an offensive video on Vine and decided she wasn’t going to sit back and let it slide.

Discussion Questions

What are your thoughts on Zendaya’s response to a viral video that mocked her hair? Do you think she handled it correctly? Do you think she should have even responded at all? And what do you think about her hashtag #unjealous or her later tweet Let’s all be bigger than jealousy. It takes no strength to be mean, but it does take some strength to be kind and encouraging.

Zendaya’s public response to her former co-star Bella Thorne comes after five months of simmering tension on social media. The two were once close friends, but Zendaya unfollowed Bella on Instagram in September 2017, following Thorne’s attack of then-19-year-old model Blac Chyna.

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