A video of Chinese Bruce Lee Woman who using chopsticks to beat up an angry man in restaurant went viral on Facebook and Twitter this week, with over 1 million views. The footage was shot by another customer during dinner at the Fuzhou Qianren Golden Eagle Hot Pot restaurant in southeast China’s Fujian Province on October 7th. The 26-year-old woman sitting next to the angry man asked him to pay his bill, but he refused and started arguing with her instead. Chinese bruce lee woman twitter video.

A video of Chinese woman bea**ting up a man in restaurant has gone viral on social media, garnering more than six million views and thousands of comments from amused netizens that dubbed her Bruce Lee Woman because of her fighting prowess. The video showed the woman, who has yet to be identified, walking past two men sitting at the dining table and suddenly kic*king one of them in the face before hitting the other man several times in his face and body.

Who Is Chinese Bruce Lee Woman? Video of Her Bea*ting a Man in Restaurant Goes Viral

A video of a woman bea*ting up a man in a restaurant has gone viral on social media, with many people wondering who the woman actually is and why she did what she did. It’s unclear if the woman had originally been attacked by the man or if she just saw him bullying another woman earlier and wanted to take him down. Either way, this Bruce Lee lookalike didn’t mess around in taking the guy down!

The video of her bea*ting up two men in a restaurant goes viral on social media

A feisty woman armed with her fists was captured on video beating up two men who tried to push their way into a restaurant in Shaanxi province on Wednesday. According to eyewitnesses, her incredible feat took place around 6 p.m. when she and her friend were dining at Fei’s Dumplings at Youyi Road Food Street.

The identity of the Bruce Lee woman revealed

The woman, who was captured on CCTV beating up an aggressive man inside a restaurant in Harbin, China, has been identified as Huo Daishan. The footage has gone viral and sparked much debate across Chinese social media after it was shared by Weibo user Wu Yue on Tuesday evening. In his post, Wu said he had never seen such a cool fight scene and praised Huo for her actions.

Chinese language Bruce Lee Girl That Bea*ting A Males In Restaurant Video

The woman apparently has martial arts experience, which is why she was confident enough to attack two people at once. The restaurant workers clearly did not know what they were getting themselves into when they tried to intimidate her, and now they have probably learned their lesson: don’t mess with someone who can beat you up if you aren’t prepared for that outcome. That’s right: never mess with anyone stronger than you are! Unless you have an incredible adrenaline rush going for you.

Chinese Brucely Woman Bea*ting Violent Men

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