Who Is Amy Kupps? Check Her Leaked Viral Images & Video Ex Student Name

Amy Kupps, who has been appointed as deputy headteacher, took a naked selfie on her ex-student’s phone which spread throughout the school where she worked. She was reported to police and arrested on suspicion of being involved in an act of public indecency, but was later released without charge after questioning in the presence of her solicitor. Ms Kupps, of Swalecliffe Road, Whitstable, resigned from her job at Canterbury High School following the scandal. The school refused to confirm if it had sacked Ms Kupps or whether she had resigned from her position on her own accord. Amy Kupps got viral after her ex-student uploaded leaked pictures and videos on 4chan forum after hacking his phone.

Amy Kupps: Student or Scandalous Celebrity?

Amy Kupps, 39, lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband of 9 years, Bill Kupps, who she married when she was 21 and he was 29 years old. She loves to travel and has visited over 45 countries over the past 10 years alone. She spent 2 months backpacking around Europe after graduating from college and another 2 months traveling through South America, including a stop at Machu Picchu in Peru.

How to Be the Next Amy Kupps: A Guide to Leaking Viral Images and Videos

Not much can be found about Amy, so here’s what we do know: She’s a 30 year old teacher at Lincoln High School in Tallahassee. She attended North Florida State University for 4 years, receiving her Bachelors of Arts in Biology. After college she moved to New York City to pursue a Masters degree in Science Education at Columbia University.

Who Is Amy Kupps? Check Out Her Leaked Viral Images & Video Ex Student Name

A few weeks ago, an anonymous person posted a picture of what appeared to be a pair of breasts on Twitter with a caption reading Any guesses who these belong to?. The person followed it up with several similar pictures (since deleted) until he revealed that his target was in fact former school teacher, Amy Kupps. It turned out he had been collecting her photos for months and was threatening to release them unless she gave him $500K.

Ashley never planned on getting caught. She was a popular girl at school and liked to lead a double life – part of it being her school persona, where she was sweet, innocent and had only good intentions for all those around her. The other side of that coin was that she was wild, incredibly horny and always in search of some new adventure. And that’s what got her into trouble… one boring day at school she woke up feeling somewhat depressed.

The scandal around Ms. Kupps goes back to a high school freshman who was taking private classes with Ms. Kupps on subjects such as math, reading, science, and SAT prep. The student was apparently in one of these private sessions when he opened up his camera roll to show his teacher an essay that she had written for him as a proofreading exercise.

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