Rumors of ‘Hit Difference’ singer SZA’s train accident are circulating the internet. Fans were troubled by rumors that a video was circulating on the internet showing the American singer being run over by a car.

Solána Imani Rowe, better known as SZA, is an R&B singer-songwriter. She released her album Ctrl in 2017 and gained worldwide popularity. She also appeared in her Doja Cat’s 2021 track “Kiss Me More,” which later went viral video.

Sza train video viral:

Rumors that SZA was hit by a train are not true. The singer is not dead or injured. She was spotted actively posting on her Instagram within the past 24 hours. The disturbing rumors were celebrity hoaxes floating around the internet.

A joke is circulating online that SZA was hit by a train
Internet detectives reported that a video of the singer being hit by a train is circulating on the Internet. However, further investigation confirms that the rumors are not true. 

Watch the video here:

Sza leaked video:

The concept of the 31-year-old singer being run over by a train is a crude sex joke that originated in a song released by fellow singer Drake, which he claims. On the Internet, “rain-hit” refers to a woman who has multiple sexes with her partner in a row.

SZA and Drake dated in the early 2000s. Drake got a lot of backlash for dating her at the time because she was still underage at 23 .

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