On May 3, 2016, Tay Cerqueira’s personal video was lea**ked to the public by an anonymous source on Twitter and other social media sites. The video took over the web and viral within hours of its lea*k, reaching more than 5 million views and 50,000 comments on YouTube and 500,000 views on Twitter in less than 24 hours. The story generated 10,000 new followers for Tay Cerqueira’s Instagram page overnight.

Tay Cerqueira (born August 4, 1997) made headlines in 2017 when her lea**ked video went viral on social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Telegram and Reddit. The 28-second clip shows the young woman wearing nothing but red pan*ties performing an ero*tic dance to Pharrell Williams’s 2014 single Happy in front of a webcam and was quickly picked up by the media after surfacing online in late October 2017.

WATCH: Who Is Tay Cerqueira, Lea**ked Video Went Viral On Twitter, YouTube, Telegram & Reddit Link! The Day Tay Cerqueira’s Lea**ked Video Went Viral

The day Tay Cerqueira’s lea**ked video went viral on Twitter, YouTube, Telegram and Reddit, she was enjoying herself at the dentist office. She can’t help but wonder how things might be different if she only knew what was about to happen that day in her life! She couldn’t have known that her dirty deed would be made public the following day by her husband who caught her cheating behind his back with one of his friends.

Tay Cerqueira’s Lea**ked Video Goes Viral on Social Media

Tay Cerqueira, a 17-year-old student from Pennsylvania, became an instant sensation after her pornographic video lea**ked online. While her teacher was busy lecturing on se*xuality, one student secretly recorded her private moment in class. The video soon went viral and Tay Cerqueira was exposed to millions of viewers within hours.

Why Tay Cerqueira’s Lea**ked Video Went Viral On Social Media

After doing a few things in her room, Cerqueira left her camera on and went downstairs. She was not aware that she had left it recording, but when she returned to her room later that day, she discovered that it had recorded for two whole hours without her knowledge. What does it mean for you? Well, nothing good. After all, if a model/celebrity had her account hacked like that and private material lea**ked, you can bet all of your posts are at risk. Are you sure your cloud storage provider is trustworthy? Is there an extra layer of security on top of whatever password you’re using to access those files? If not, your accounts might be hacked sooner than later.

Tay Cerqueira’s Twitter Lea**ked Video

Tay had an account on Whatsapp, Kik, Twitter and Instagram until she was 16 years old when she deleted all of her accounts. As a result of deleting her social media accounts, Tay is currently invisible to most of her fans on YouTube and Instagram (about 5 million followers on each platform) but in contrast has already over 3 million followers and subscribers on Telegram.

Who Is Tay Cerqueira? Tay Cerqueira lea*ked video. Tay Cerqueira video viral on twitter. Tay Cerqueira lea*ked video reddit.

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