Marc Daniel Bernardo’s viral video, called The Devastating Consequences of Censorship & Trusting the Government, has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide since he posted it on his YouTube channel on Oct. 20, 2018. The video covers the topics of censorship and propaganda in news media, free speech and independent thought, as well as questioning the need for government altogether. Bernardo has also appeared on other influential video platforms such as Twitter and Reddit to discuss these same topics in his videos.

Who Is Marc Daniel Bernardo? The Man Behind the Viral Video – Marc Daniel Twitter Video LEA*KED

The latest viral sensation coming from the Philippines and it’s not someone doing an epic dance or singing an awesome song, the video shows a young kid named Marc Daniel Bernardo dancing around his bedroom doing some crazy moves that even the most famous dancers wouldn’t be able to pull off. Marc Daniel Bernardo is dancing to Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You with his dad and all I can say is WOW! I have seen some kids do some crazy stuff in their bedrooms but this kid has something special, he has talent and you can tell it runs in the family.

The Many Faces of Marc Daniel Bernardo: From Viral YouTube Star to Accused Criminal

This video of a flying object or UFO has gone viral on youtube and other platforms like twitter and reddit link. The internet is buzzing with talk about aliens over Russia again. You might think that UFOs aren’t real. But what if there was video proof that something strange was happening in our skies? At first glance it might seem like nothing more than lights in a formation flying overhead at night.

The Mystery of Marc Daniel Bernardo: Why the Internet Is Obsessed with This Guy

The video has gone viral on twitter and a twitter page named @RealMarcDaniel was created within few hours after watching it. The number of likes were close to 50,000 at first time of writing but now have crossed 1.2 million and still counting .

Marc Daniel Bernardo: The Viral Video Star everyone is talking about.  #Marc #Daniel #BernardoVideo Marc Daniel Bernardo Leaked Video

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