There was a video posted on Tuesday by two unconfirmed TikTok accounts which appeared up to have a put to Meyer and his sweetheart Taylor Mae LaCour. Many months a short time later appears up a few time as of late the couple pivots together and rubs LaCour’s stomach as a layout from Squarepants appears.There’s no affirmation or refusal by Meyer’s account of whether that was him within the video.

Commenters clowning roughly its substance were favored – one TikTok client commented “she likes it slow” while another said “pick up the pace” with an emoji talking to a tortoise. Within the caption, LaCour’s account claimed to have been “caught in 4K,” which is social media slang for being caught. Commenting, “I like wrapping up it on a direct note,” the account responded to jokes roughly the “pacing” of the spilled video. “I cherish essentially people can joke nearly it, but I’m not past any question why everyone considers it’s funny.” a TikTok client composed on the video. In response, an account purportedly worked by LaCour said “Imagine someone hacking your phone, taking your character, and posting all your private information online.” Insider’s requests for comment were not right away responded to by Meyer or LaCour.

Peyton Meyer Viral Video

A Twitter account called “TikTok Spill Room” shared the video earlier this week that fans acknowledged included Meyer. Concurring to LadBible, TikTok Spill Room had over 30,000 supporters a few time as of late it was suspended by Twitter. Concurring to the outlet, the account besides released spilled recordings and pictures of online celebrities. A affirmation of Meyer’s identity hasn’t been conceivable by Insider. TikTok clients have in addition gone viral with reactions to the spilled video and takes note that it appear decimate their childhood. A include up to of 7.3 million sees were recorded on Tuesday from four recordings depicting TikTok clients looking dazed with the “Girl Meets World” subject music playing.

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