Lori Harvey spilled s*x tape viral on-line, say gossipy tidbits on Twitter in any case why do people expect there’s a spilled tape of Lori Harvey and Wendy Williams? On Admirable 17, 2022, Twitter overflowed with memes and bits of gossip around Lori Harvey’s spilled tape and an intemperate sum of people had been talking approximately an charged Lori Harvey tape. In any case, no particular specific particular specific individual found such tape, each is sharp to induce it and observe it.

A most sultry Twitter customer “Gotcitytea” recognized by his Twitter hold “Gossipofthecitytea” shared a Screenshot from his Instagram inbox and claimed that anyone is looking for Lori Harvey’s tape which anyone claims to have Wendy Williams and Rihanna‘s tape as successfully. In a Twitter post, Gotcitytea composed: “Any specific individual is looking for a sex tape of Lori Harvey. I exclusively talked approximately Lori inferable to I’ve genuinely seen for it myself. I didn’t see the choice two in any case. I’ll shield you up to date. And no, I procured be posting them.”

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