Memorial service administrations set for KC firefighter murdered amid battle at Autonomy gas station Burial service administrations will be held this week for a 41-year-old Kansas City firefighter who was lethally shot amid a battle exterior an Freedom gas station, agreeing to his obituary.A client needing to purchase cigars had gotten to be damaging to a receptionist when she told him that they did not have the sort of cigars he needed. She denied him benefit and told him to take off, agreeing to court archives.

Firefighter Anthony santi video full

The video appeared Santi and the man battling over an thing, which was a gun with an amplified magazine. A female traveler left the vehicle and whereas Santi had the man in a headlock, the traveler got the weapon and pointed it Santi. She purportedly terminated a shot that showed up to hit Santi within the back, agreeing to court documents.The deadly shooting happened approximately 2:30 p.m. Thursday exterior the the Street Star comfort store at 11100 E. U.S. 40 thruway in Autonomy.

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