Carol Llanos has gone viral on Twitter with a series of photos she posted on the platform of her enjoying an afternoon in New York City with friends. The short video, which was sent to many people’s phones via text, shows Llanos going up the Empire State Building and enjoying some sights at FAO Schwartz, as well as some food at her favorite restaurant in Manhattan, Sbarro.

Social media user Carol Llanos of Portland, Oregon, has gone viral on Twitter after posting several pictures and videos of the unusual snowfall in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States during the month of February 2018. The user uploaded two photos to his Twitter page while leaving his home and then another photo while traveling to work, which immediately gained attention due to how rare it was to see snowfall in that area during this time of year. Llanos eventually made it to work with no trouble and posted a video of him throwing snowballs at co-workers in the parking lot with his cell phone camera.

Who is Carol Llanos?

Carol Llanos is a news reporter working for Fox 5 New York. Carol was one of a few reporters in site at the recent terrorist attack that took place in downtown Manhattan. She was able to get photos and video of what happened, which she posted to her Twitter feed before she had finished her live report for FOX 5 News that evening. Thanks to Carol’s quick thinking, those people who were not able to see her live broadcast were able to witness some of what she saw first hand

Carlin Llanos’s Pictures and Videos Go Viral

The Twitterverse seems to have a new starlet. You may have heard of her brother, but she’s a rising star in her own right. Her name is Carol Llanos and she recently went through quite an ordeal in London. It all started when she accidentally tweeted a nude picture of herself while she was away on business. It wasn’t long before that nude photo hit every trending topic imaginable.

Carlin Llanos Twitter Video Leak**ed

You might remember 22-year-old model Carol Llanos, who’s famous for her round but attractive face and big lips. According to her Instagram page, she’s a Miami Beach resident who travels around shooting cool things (meetings, parties, events) as a plus size model. After recently posting some photos of herself in bikinis on vacation in Los Angeles, her Instagram profile blew up…and then things got really interesting.

Let’s say Carol Llanos is a social media manager at an advertising agency. Her boss, Susan Brown, wants her to promote a new product online. She tells Carol that she needs to come up with innovative ways to get people talking about it online. Carol then tweets from her personal account: Hey! Anyone need a new toothbrush? I just got one for free! #DentalTips4U What do you think will happen? Nothing right?

They’ve been positive. Everyone loves pictures of animals, especially when they’re as cute as a puppy or kitten. But there’s something about Carol Llanos’ pet that even people who are indifferent to animals can’t help but get giddy over. It’s probably in part because of its species—the animal has yet to be identified by experts—but really, it’s got more personality than most pets do these days. The little critter is just so darn sassy!

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