Tyler J Exposed: Leaked Video Shows Shinratensei98 Twitter Video

Everyone has been talking about the incident with Tyler J over the past few weeks, but we finally have some answers about what happened. Shinratensei98 and Dtodoroki99 have just released an expose video about the leaked information regarding who Tyler J truly was. The Twitter account @shinratensei98 was created to expose the truth of Tyler J, and in this video, you can finally see all of the proof that they found!

Tyler J Shinratensei98 Twitter Video – Dtodoroki99 Viideo Exposed

A video was leaked online this morning that contains something very important, inside information on the infamous Shinratensei98 and Dtodoroki99 Twitter accounts. The video was posted by what appears to be one of their own, as you will see in the full video below that has been translated into English by popular demand. In it, you will see that these two accounts were nothing more than an attempt at both spreading memes, as well as an attempt to discredit not only other rival YouTube channels, but also rival blogs on sites like Tumblr and Twitter as well.

Exclusive: Tyler J Exposed in Leaked Video

Recently, one of the most popular users on Instagram and Twitter, Tyler J has been exposed as scamming his fans and taking advantage of their money to live an extravagant lifestyle. In this video, we cover everything from the monetization of his videos to his constant attacks on other content creators in order to get more views on his channel. However, because Tyler J will always make more money if he’s always in the spotlight, he’ll do anything to get views at the expense of others including attacking content creators who are much better than him.

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