Pokimane is an internet personality and streamer on Twitch, and she has been the center of several viral videos that have received millions of views on social media in recent weeks. This week, however, her latest video went viral and quickly received hundreds of thousands of dislikes on YouTube before it was taken down. This time around, Pokimane was the target of outrage over what many are calling sexual harassment from her partner in the video, who was revealed to be a fellow streamer named Imane Anys on Twitter.

Why Twitter Is Going Nuts Over Pokimane’s Lea*ked Video

It’s an understatement to say the internet has gone wild after the recent leak of Pokimane’s lea*ked video on Twitter. After gaining popularity in League of Legends, Pokimane rose to stardom as a YouTube personality and Twitch streamer, with over 2 million followers across all platforms combined. While she remains one of the most influential personalities in gaming and streaming today, controversy has surrounded her recently as her leaked video has been circulating around Reddit and 4chan for days now.

Pokimane’s Lea*ked Video Goes Viral on Twitter – Who Is She?

Pokimane, a popular Twitch streamer, has had her personal and private photos lea*ked online after someone hacked into her iCloud account and stole the intimate images and videos of her. The incident occurred over the weekend, with Pokimane addressing it on Twitter with the following tweet: My cloud was hacked, my nudes leaked. I feel absolutely sickened and violated. I am in no way posting this for attention, but I want to put this out there to warn others that this can happen to you too, she tweeted yesterday.

Who is Pokimane? Twitter goes wild over lea*ked video

In a recently leaked video, YouTube star Pokimane is seen dancing on her bed to YouTuber Jack Ü’s Where Are Ü Now. In just a few short hours, hundreds of thousands of social media users have watched her do her own rendition of Justin Bieber’s popular dance move.

Twitter was sent into a frenzy after a leaked video of popular gamer, Pōki-Māne, went viral. The video allegedly shows Pōki-Māne performing graphic sexual acts while lying in bed. Many users have reacted negatively to these allegations and began questioning if they knew Pōki-Māne at all.

What About Imane/Pokimane Now

In late August of 2017, Vines were released that allegedly showed well-known Twitch star Imane Pokimane Anys dancing in a bikini. While it’s unclear whether or not she was being filmed without her consent, what is clear is that a Vine of her in a bikini at a hotel pool spread like wildfire across Twitter and Youtube.

The internet is rife with speculation as to why Pokimane’s video went viral; just check out your Twitter feed. You’ll find that everyone from KSI and Logan Paul to PewDiePie and Markiplier have all commented on or shared Imane’s video, sparking an even bigger reaction among their fanbases.

Some people are saying that she probably needs to be taken down a notch. I mean, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with making some money off of your brand, but many don’t agree with doing so in a sexually suggestive manner. I myself have followed Imane (or Poki as she’s known by her fans) on social media for a while now, and seen all of her racy photos and memes; none have been as bad as what was released last night, though.

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