When it comes to viral video stars, you can’t do much better than Salma Flores. The actress and comedian has been around for years, but 2016 marked her breakout year on the Internet, and she’s still going strong with her sassy Twitter videos. Now that she’s broken the code to Internet fame, Flores is in demand from celebrities who want her to tweet about their new projects or even interact with their fans! You’ll find out how she keeps the tweets coming in this exclusive interview.

You Won’t Believe What Salma Flores Did in Her Viral Video!

Many people are surprised to learn that Twitter users can produce their own video, without the help of video professionals or Hollywood studios. But Twitter user Salma Flores took this concept to new heights with her amazing YouTube video, Cat Reacts to Bikinis, which garnered over 3 million views in just three days on the popular video sharing website. With so much attention surrounding her brilliant comedy sketch, it’s no surprise that Flores’ personal Twitter account became flooded with new followers and retweets from people all around the world! Here are some of our favorite tweets by @SalmaFlores !

Salma Flores Twitter Video Goes Viral

Recently, there has been much buzz about the newest viral video to hit the web. Actress Salma Flores posted this clip on her Twitter account about two weeks ago, and it has since gone viral with over 500,000 views on YouTube and counting. The best part of all of this is that she got her dachshund to wear the mustache costume! It makes you wonder how her husband was able to get his dog to wear it in the first place… Anyway, if you have not seen this video yet, check it out below! (It’s pretty funny!)

Salma Flores: The Viral Video Star Of Twitter

Flores walked into a Whataburger restaurant, put on a large poncho and squatted behind an order station. She then waited for customers to come up and place their orders before making a beeline toward their food. As customers stood with jaws dropped, she snatched fries from trays, snagged sandwiches and absconded with box after box of chicken tenders. Her character said she was from North Korea in one video and then Japan in another.

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