TikTok influencer Tanya Pardazi has passed missing in a skydiving setback at the age of 21. In the midst of her to start with solo skydiving course, she opened her parachute as well late. She was skydiving in Ontario, Canada, on Famous 27, when the occurrence driven to her terrible conclusion. She was verbalized dead after being rushed to a mending center. As per Skydive Toronto’s explanation, Pardazi opened the foremost parachute at an rise that was as well moo, which did not allow for the spare parachute to blow up.


Skydive Toronto is working with South Simcoe Police on an examination into the disaster. They additionally said that Pardazi was a welcome development to the skydiving community, which she would be missed among her unused companions and person jumpers there. They included that they have been “profoundly influenced” by her passing as their understudy planning program has been refined for over 50 a long time.Pardazi was a Miss Canada greatness appear semi finalist in 2017 and was looking at Thinking at the College of Toronto. Her social media posts are being overpowered by people wishing her a quiet rest. In a comparative break disaster last year, a 23-year-old social media influencer from China passed on after falling from a 160-foot crane, nitty gritty The Sun. The influencer named Xiao Qiumei was recording a video for social media when this accident happened.

The visuals of the accident’s video appear her talking to the camera in what showed up to be a crane cabin when she fell.


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