A lady was cleared out with a genuine brain damage after she was thumped oblivious by a man in a bar brawl in Halifax.

The lady had been out with companions and was at La Salsa on Admirable 22, 2020, when a battle broke out and she was thumped to the ground by Reece Drahosz, 27.

Drahosz had been out with a partitioned gather that included his mum and sweetheart, and said he got to be included within the fight.

Bradford Crown Court listened on Friday that parts of the brawl were shot on portable phones and appeared Drahosz dragging one lady over the floor some time recently tossing her into a chair. 

Indicting, Daniel Cordey, told the court witnesses portrayed seeing Drahosz snatching the lady and “wragging her over the bar region some time recently hurling her onto chairs.”

The woman was taken to hospital and it was found she had suffered bleeding in and around her brain, a hemorrhage and hematoma. Her lip piercing, which had become embedded into her skin during the assault had to be cut out.

In her casualty affect articulation, which was abridged for the court, the lady said she recollected waking up in healing center and being told by the neurologist they were “upbeat she was alert” and she released herself from healing center as she was not permitted guests amid Covid and it had “increased her uneasiness” and she did not need to pass on in hospital.

The lady said she was incapable to rest and was not permitted to fly after the assault, and around a month after went out but had to take off early as she was bleary eyed and slurring her words due to her brain damage. She said she does not go out exceptionally much and her social life has been influenced and she sees a advisor.

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