Here’s What Really Went Down Between TikTok Stars Talyn and Tish

In the world of TikTok substance makers, there’s show around each corner. One of the most recent circumstances to fascinate clients on the video-sharing app is an clear issue between Tish (@hotbishtish1) and Talyn (@talynntalks). There has been a part going on between the two after a video surfaced that appeared to implicate Talyn, but there’s a parcel more to the story.

Understandably, fans of the two stars have been struggling to put the pieces together regarding what happened between the two content creators. So, here’s a complete explanation of all of the known details surrounding Talyn and Tish’s TikTok drama.

The Talyn and Tish TikTok drama has captivated millions of their followers, and it seems to have been brought on by Reddit.

On the off chance that you’ve been on either Talyn or Tish’s TikTok pages as of late you’ve likely taken note that there’s been a firestorm of modern posts, comments from fans, and all of the makings of a gigantic issue of a few sort. So, what really happened? Essentially, a video of Tish’s birthday party (which was held on a yacht, by the way) went viral on Reddit and TikTok since of what numerous were affirming was an occasion of unseemly and baseless physical contact. The video appears Tish falling whereas on the front deck of the vessel, which goads Talyn to respond. Within the previously mentioned clip, the blurb moderated down a certain point within the video when Tish fell which made it appear as in spite of the fact that Talyn improperly touched her.

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