The viral video of actress Sky Quizon showing her pink undergarments and assets went viral online after the video was leaked on social media sites by her former lover, Rico Habataca III. In the 5-minute video, Sky Quizon can be seen dancing provocatively and playfully while wearing pink bra and thong while being serenaded by Habataca while they are in a motel room in Clark, Pampanga. In some parts of the video, Habataca can be seen whispering to her and kissing her neck while she continues dancing as if nothing happened.

Sky Quizon Pink: Viral Video Scan*dal Lea*ked on Social Media! Sky Quizon’s Pink Twitter Viral Video

Social media star and model Sky Quizon’s alleged pink sex video has leaked online after she failed to pay P50,000 extortion money. In the said two-minute video, the former Pinoy Big Brother housemate can be seen having an intimate moment with a man who also appears to be her boyfriend in what seemed like their bedroom in one of the Philippines’ provinces.

Sky Quizon’s Shocking New Video Leaks Online

It’s official! Sky Quizon has finally released the much-awaited Pink Viral Video that went viral on social media last week. The video has been making waves among celebrities, and those who have yet to see it are curious as to what all the hype was about, especially since this isn’t the first time that Sky has released such a viral video to showcase her talent and charm. If you haven’t seen it yet, then check out the article below, as well as the video itself, and learn more about this young singer who has already made quite an impression in the music industry even before she has started out professionally!

Who is Sky Quizon? Why the Sky Quizon Pink Viral Video is a Must-Watch

Sky is a YouTube vlogger who is known for her fashion and makeup tutorials. She has been in relationships with famous Korean singer, Junhyung from B2ST (South Korea), and Jolo Revilla (son of Senator Revilla). In March 2016, she started her own YouTube channel called skyquizonyt. In April 2016, she started an Instagram account (@skyquizonyt) where she posts pictures of herself with pictures of men like Filipino politician Ronald Singson.

Viral Video of Sky Quizon Pink Leaked on Social Media

The video was leaked on Facebook and was also aired on a local news channel, which drew complaints from viewers. Netizens questioned how Sky’s father, former television host Willie Revillame, could allow his children to be exposed to so much media attention at such a young age. The incident has drawn comparisons with Lola Nidora of Eat Bulaga, who similarly gained fame when her video went viral but whose father barred her from further media exposure.

While it’s now impossible to keep a secret in today’s age of social media, Sky managedOne of Miss Q’s scenes where she tiptoes into her room with a soft sashay and dances to a sexy version of The Candyman. The fan favorite is missing from social media. Let’s hope it isn’t lost forever! to keep her new music video under wraps. In fact, she didn’t even tell her mom that she was filming a music video! How did she do it?

Sky Quizon Pink Video Sky Quizon Pink Video Link Explained Sky Quizon Pink Viral Video Scandal

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