Shamar McCo, who was on season 13 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, has been accused of being gay, according to leaked footage that has circulated Twitter and Instagram recently. In the video, we see Shamar in bed with what many believe to be an ex-boyfriend, kissing and touching each other in ways that suggest it wasn’t just a friendly encounter. If you look at McCo’s social media accounts, there are several videos and photos of him posing with men, which is sure to fuel more suspicion that he might not be straight.

Watch Shamar Leaked Video On Twitter | Video Shows Shamar Mcco Is No longer A Gay

Shamar McCo, once known as one of the most openly gay personalities on social media, has seemingly changed his stance on his homosexuality after a video was leaked onto Twitter Friday morning showing the YouTube star allegedly performing sexual acts with an unidentified man in what appears to be his bedroom. Shamar was catapulted into internet fame after he posted videos of himself challenging other social media stars to dance offs in his viral Dance Challenge series on his YouTube channel, but now it appears that it might all be coming to an end.

Shamar McCo No Longer a Gay: Shocking Video Leaks

Shamar McCo made headlines on Wednesday when an alleged leaked video of him in a sexual encounter with another man was published online. The video was uploaded to Twitter, where it shows the 21-year-old being engaged in sexual intercourse by an unidentified man. Shamar, who is best known for his appearance on the 18th season of MTV’s The Real World and its various spin-offs, has since denied the allegations and claimed that the tape had been doctored and was not of him at all.

Video of Shamar McCo ‘leaked’ on Twitter – is he really no longer gay?

It is speculated that Shamar Mcco recorded the video to show the world that he is no longer a gay man. In the video, Shamar can be seen talking to the camera and saying that he used to be gay but is now 100% straight. He also says that he wants to clear his name and wants people to know the truth about him.

Video Shows Shamar Mcco Is No Longer A Gay

The video in question was leaked by an unknown person on Twitter, and it quickly spread throughout the social media platform. The content of the video shows Shamar McCo engaged in what appears to be sexual intercourse with a woman. This contradicts his previous public statements about his sexuality, leading many to believe that he is no longer gay.

Shocking video of Shamar McCo surfaces on Twitter

This video of Shamar Mcco has been circulating on Twitter, and it seems to show that he is no longer a gay man. This is a huge shock to his fans and followers, who have always seen him as a proud and out gay man. Some are speculating that this video was leaked in order to damage his career as an influencer. However, others believe that this could be Shamar’s true sexuality, and he is finally comfortable enough to come out publicly.

Shocking video of Shamar Mcco has surfaced on Twitter, and it shows the young entrepreneur in a very compromising position. This has led many to speculate about his true sexuality, and how this will affect his business in the future.

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