Sesame Place issues apology after viral video

A Pennsylvania amusement park has issued an apology after video of its employees acting in what some critics allege is a racist manner and others believe was an appropriate response to over-zealous kids went viral, as reported by ABC News. Sesame Place’s statement came after the CEO appeared on Good Morning America and apologized for the behavior of the unnamed employee who forced two African American girls off their parade float and into a press event because they were allegedly acting aggressively. Sesame Place also said that it would be retraining its staff members on best practices when dealing with disruptive children in general, not just those of color.

Sesame Place issued an apology on Thursday after concerns of racism at the theme park became national news.

Sesame Place has issued an apology after facing backlash over their parades and a recent video that was posted on Twitter. The park posted the apology to their official website and social media pages on Tuesday, but according to sources, it’s still unclear if they plan to change their practices regarding the parades or if they will address the allegations of racism that have surfaced since this story first broke out. Sesame Place apologizes after parade video backlash and accusations of racism

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