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Natália Deodato Viral Video 23 Sec Clip Link Trending on Twitter Reddit – Natalia Deodata Viral Video on Reddit & Twitter

Natalia Deodato’s dancing videos have taken the internet by storm this week, with clips from her own viral video getting hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and thousands of shares on Reddit and Twitter. And as it turns out, there’s actually a lot more behind Viral Dance Videos than meets the eye…

Watch Natalia Deodato’s Viral Video That’s Taking Over Reddit & Twitter

Natalia Deodato’s viral video that’s taking over Reddit and Twitter

You may have heard about a short video of an awkward tryst between a man and woman that’s circulating around social media. The viral video has spread to multiple platforms, with users reposting it on YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, and even sites like 4chan. Although there are numerous copies of what many people are calling the worst sex tape ever, I had never watched one until today. In a word, no. It appears that some of her followers have photoshopped their own photos in order to look like her as well. (The rest of them seem perfectly happy just looking at her.) My fans are crazy, she says with a laugh. They Photoshop my head onto their bodies!

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