A video that purports to show Maharashtra minister Nana Patole urinating in public has gone viral on social media. There’s just one problem – it may be fake! The clip shows the minister relieving himself in an open area, presumably because he was in a hurry or didn’t have his security guard with him at the time. While it certainly looks like Patole, there are also some serious doubts about whether it’s real or fake. Here’s what you need to know!

The Real Story Behind the Nana Patole Viral Leaked Video

You might have heard about the leaked video of Nana Patole, an Indian politician from Bhandara-Gondiya who has recently joined BJP and got elected to the Lok Sabha, India’s lower house of parliament on 18th May 2019 from Bhandara-Gondiya. In this video, he is seen getting intimate with another girl in front of his own wife, which has caused a lot of controversy among people and politicians alike, as well as exposed his real character by recording it himself while engaging in such act! The video went viral on Telegram within no time after it was leaked.

The issue with finding the answer to this question online is that there are countless fake news websites out there that can’t be trusted at all, so you have to do your own research.

Maharashtra Congress Leader named Nana Patole. The video has been released by the vice president of the Bhartiya Janta Party named Chitra Wagh released the video of the Congress chief through her official Twitter account. Congress Chief Nana Patole’s viral Twitter video. (Leaked) Video Nana Patole Viral Twitter Facebook Reddit

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