In this viral video, Miriah Vanlith, an inmate at Ehrlich Women’s Correctional Center in Maryland, describes her situation. She’s serving 15 years for robbery and possession of narcotics with intent to distribute. She says she’s not proud of what I’ve done, but hopes that something good can come out of her hard time in prison. She wants to connect with people via social media, so she can have some friends while she’s inside, and maybe even after she gets out.

Miriah Vanlith’s video went viral recently and it wasn’t just because of her charisma, looks, or fun sense of humor — it was because she needs your help. In her video, she states that the light in her cell isn’t working and she can’t get any sleep at night because of it; all she wants is someone to write to her and tell her about their day or just chat so she has something to do at night! You can write to Miriah at the following address… I would encourage you to pay close attention to where this story goes from here!

When viral video star Miriah Vanlith was released from prison, she asked to be able to keep in touch with her fans. Recently, she put out a video on TikTok asking for pen pals who would write her letters and send her photos. Many have interpreted this as an attempt by the disgraced pop star to evade the spotlight and live quietly, so we contacted her PR team to find out more about what’s really going on here.

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