Viral video footage of the Miami Carnival Cruise ship brawl, which occurred this week, has left many shocked at the scenes of violence captured on film, showing one man being repeatedly pummeled by other passengers and crew members as he lay sprawled on the ground.

CCTV footage of Miami Carnival Cruise ship brawl goes viral

An epic brawl erupted on board a Carnival Cruise ship in the middle of the ocean with more than 4,000 passengers and crew members on board. The shocking incident was filmed by many guests aboard the ship and uploaded to YouTube, where it immediately went viral, garnering more than 8 million views in just two days’ time. Miami Police used the footage from the video to track down and arrest some of the cruise ship brawlers who were responsible for the fight, although none of them were found guilty in court.

Cruise ship brawl erupts: Miami Carnival cruise fight caught on CCTV footage

A Miami Carnival Cruise Fight has been widely reported after shocking CCTV footage and viral video of the brawl was released. The fight broke out on the deck of the Carnival Miracle Cruise Ship around 2am this morning, after an argument had broken out over an excursion to South Beach, Florida that had been organized by the ship’s staff on behalf of all passengers on board the cruise ship. Watch the full CCTV footage below, and find out what happened next in this Miami Carnival Cruise Fight report…

Viral Video of Miami Carnival Cruise Fight Shows CCTV Footage of Cruise Ship Brawl

According to witnesses and footage, an argument between two female passengers escalated when one woman threw a glass of water at another. This lead to a violent brawl involving some 20-30 people, including members of both ships’ security teams, who were apparently called in to break up the fight. As passengers scream for help and try to get away from flying fists and thrown glasses, security is eventually able to subdue everyone involved in what could be described as an incredibly unfortunate vacation occurrence.

Oh no they didn’t!: Brawl Erupts on Carnival Cruise

Security officers were quickly summoned to break up an escalating and dangerous fight between a group of men, however failed miserably as they joined in with their own violent antics. The result was a violent brawl which broke out on one side of Miami’s Coconut Grove neighbourhood during March 2018 – leaving two men in hospital. Police have confirmed two men were arrested for charges including resisting arrest and battery on a law enforcement officer.

It’s not yet clear what caused a savage fight aboard a Miami cruise ship to break out and turn into an all-out brawl. The scuffle reportedly broke out on February 16, 2019, while passengers were dancing at an event called Caribbean Night on board Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas. Before long, multiple guests were punching each other in an unruly mass; witnesses said that as many as 100 people joined in before security finally restored order.

The brawl started when a female passenger had her bucket hat snatched off her head. She told Miami-Dade Detective Michelle Farinas that as she was waiting in line for a drink, people began stepping on her. The woman said when she told them to get off your feet, one man became irate and threw his drink on her. That is when all hell broke loose, with women from both sides punching each other and pulling hair.

Miami Carnival Cruise Fight CCTV Footage & Viral Video Cruise ship Brawl Erupts Miami Carnival cruise fight

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