What started out as an innocent morning of live TV went terribly wrong when somebody flashed their private parts in the direction of the camera. While on-air, one of the hosts was alerted by a staff member that somebody appeared to be exposing themselves to them in person…and it wasn’t long before everybody found out about it! This incident occurred on Good Morning America and you can watch the Viral Video above!


Today on live TV, Mr. Viral Video announced he will be releasing the full version of his viral video Origin that has caused so much controversy lately! The video was going to be released on YouTube, but instead Mr. Viral Video released it on Twitter and Instagram during the live TV broadcast of your favorite news anchors! Tune in at 11PM ET / 10 PM CT / 9 PM MT / 8 PM PT to see what happens when Mr. Viral Video’s viral video Origin goes viral live on live TV!

The Viral Video Origin Flasher Isn’t Who You Think He Is

The Origin Flasher’s latest viral video not only has taken over many social networks, but it now has taken over live TV! Media outlets from all over the world have been unable to ignore this video and have taken action to play it on their airwaves so that people can see this unique piece of art that’s sweeping the nation! The Origin Flasher’s viral video began when he decided he would use his talent in unique ways and make music videos with the help of an old computer program, Adobe Flash.

Origin Flasher bombs Viral Video in live TV broadcast on Twitter, Instagram

On March 1, 2017, an internet user named Origin Flasher who had been known for claiming responsibility for hacking into and defacing official government websites in Iran, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries showed live on a Syrian state television channel how he can control any video being aired on television. Apparently he hacked into a Syrian national channel with his own content, flashing messages about freedom of speech and protest against mass surveillance.

Could this be the next big viral sensation? Watch as this origin flasher bombs a live TV broadcast on Twitter and Instagram!

More than 48 hours have passed since a hacker named Origin Flasher breached his way into live television with a watermarked video of a dancing banana, and yet he has shown no signs of slowing down. The trouble began on Tuesday when several users on Twitter noticed that their timelines were flooded with images of an animated dancing banana accompanied by various tweets encouraging users to share it with their friends and family.

Week in social media: Twitter and Instagram go viral with Flasher Bomb video

It all happened when our live broadcast had finished, then started a countdown as we switched over to our Facebook Lives feed. We were expecting hundreds of viewers but within seconds we were getting thousands. The numbers weren’t going down, in fact they were growing…fast. It was clear that there was something wrong and at first I thought my webcam wasn’t working so I reloaded it several times which made it worse.

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