Mexican telenovela star Fernando del Solar passed away from cancer at the age of 57, according to the Mexico City Times. Fernando del Solar, the star of popular Mexican telenovela, Corazón de Hierro passed away this week at age 57 due to cancer complications. Del Solar played the role of the villain, the mayor of Corazón de Hierro throughout all three seasons of the telenovela, which ended in 2016 after becoming one of Mexico’s most popular shows. His performance in Corazón de Hierro earned him many awards and recognitions from his peers as well as from fans across Mexico and Latin America.

Fernando del Solar’s courageous battle with cancer

Fernando del Solar, the Mexican actor who played the leading role in one of the most popular telenovelas from the 90s, died from cancer at age 57, his publicist told The Associated Press on Tuesday. He was living with cancer and he passed away at home surrounded by his family, said Bernardo Pineda, the publicist of del Solar’s company, Producciones IMC.

Remembering Fernando del Solar: A Tribute to a Talented Actor

Del Solar played ‘Sebastián Hernández’ in Vida Mágica , a show about three women whose love lives take turns that mirror their zodiac signs. Del Solar died on Dec. 17 after a long fight with liver cancer. He was 57 years old. The charismatic actor—who had five children and four grandchildren—is survived by his wife and manager Ximena Lopez de la Fuente .

Fernando del Solar’s life and legacy

Fernando del Solar, a leading man in Ecuadorian telenovelas and a songwriter who worked with international pop singers like Ricky Martin and Shakira, passed away on Tuesday after battling lung cancer. He was 57.

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