Kobe Bryant Crash Site Report Leaked Photos on Twitter, Reddit and YouTube

Kobe Bryant accident site photos. Photos of the site where Kobe Bryant crashed were shared on Twitter. kobe ​​bryant crash site photos and Viral Video on Reddit. While appearing for responsibility, a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy admitted in a courtroom Tuesday that he texted graphic photos of the scene of Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash to a colleague. Follow further updates on Newsminatii.in

See photos of Kobe Bryant from the accident scene

Vanessa Bryant was often seen clad in all black, muttering, writing notes to her lawyer and, in addition, opening candies. The emotional reaction of the bereaved widows to the video was the same as when her lawyers first performed it in the courtroom earlier, causing her to leave the courtroom in tears.

He claimed that he shared the images to get out of the stress of the day earlier.

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