WATCH: Istanbul Bebek Sahili & Son Dakika Video Viral & Leaked On Twitter, YouTube & Reddit Link!

You may have already heard about the leaked video of Istanbul Bebek Sahili, but if you haven’t, don’t worry, I’ll fill you in! This Son Dakika Video features a fight between two security guards and some unknown customers at Istanbul Bebek Sahili, a popular seafood restaurant in the district of Kadikoy in Istanbul.

Istanbul Bebek Sahili & Son Dakika Video Viral and Lea**ked On Twitter, YouTube and Reddit. Is the Istanbul Bebek Sahili Leak Real?

Ladies and gentlemen, the video of Istanbul Bebek Sahili and Son Dakika that everyone has been waiting to see was just leaked on Twitter by an anonymous source. The scandalous video shows Bebek Sahili and his lover in the act at Istanbul’s famed luxury hotel, Palace Hotel. It seems that Bebek Sahili’s supposed straight image was just a lie! We’re waiting to hear from the Palace Hotel on how they feel about this video being released on Twitter instead of through official channels. Stay tuned!

All you need to know about the news:

Istanbul Bebek Sahili & Son Dakika Video Leaked on Twitter. Following photos were captured by one of our editor-in-chiefs, in Istanbul. It is claimed that it was taken at Istanbul Besiktas on 11th August 2011. Son Dakika means the latest, breaking news in Turkish. This is why we use it as an eye-catcher in our titles. The word dakika also reminds us that a whole minute has passed since we last ate something! 🙂 –Cagla Yilmaz

Istanbul’s iconic restaurant, Istanbul Bebek Sahili, is trending on social media after a video was leaked showing one of its workers feeding a fish to a turtle. The video is attached in Turkish: According to Hürriyet Daily News , an individual who was eating at Istanbul Bebek Sahili and filming with his camera captured on tape two waiters tossing scraps from their plates into waters where turtles swam.

While nobody knows exactly how much he lost before appearing in public again, many think it was around 50 pounds (22 kilograms). Since Yalçın’s appearance at Istanbul-Bebek Airport last week, footage of his weight loss has been all over social media. The video shows Yalçın walking through an airport in Istanbul and elicited a great deal of praise from those who are familiar with him.

A GIF image summarizing the news:

Istanbul Bebek Sahili & Son Dakika Video Leaked On Twitter. A video that was recorded at Istanbul’s most famous Restaurant, Istanbul Bekbek Sahil. In a viral video tweeted out by @sayisamakin, we can see what appears to be a hand and foot holding onto a $1 bill.

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