Daily, a part of recordings go viral on the web, but a few of them are really very supportive in numerous circumstances. This time, a video that has been trending on various social media stages and accepting a part of demands was broadly shared. This video has gotten various demands, and as a result, it has been trending online. The video, known as Dumalaw Lang Sa Sementeryp, could be a spilled video that’s being shared online. The spilled video gotten a parcel of consideration from online clients, so it was broadly dispersed. Let’s look at this video in more noteworthy detail and find why it has ended up so popular.Sementeryo Dumalaw Lang viral video:The educator was affirmed to have physically as*saulted and indeed coerced a number of understudies. These understudies afterward chose to center on the negative viewpoints of the story, which gathered a part of consideration. The understudies who have been the teacher’s casualties have charged that they were inquired out on a number of dates, inquired to enter the teacher’s domestic where they were constrained to have $*x, and afterward attacked. Beneath the hashtag, To begin with Date Sa Sementeryo, the whole incident’s video has been trending on social media. The teacher at the college and the dignitary both asked that no comments be made with respect to this matter whereas an examination is ongoing.

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