Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra – Is he a se*xual predator?

Renowned Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra has been accused of se*xually assaulting his ex-wife, Tatiana Quintella Bezerra, while filming an episode of Botched in the doctor’s home country. Last week, Tatiana Quintella Bezerra released an Instagram video showing her crying and pleading with her ex-husband to stop touching her as he tried to force himself on her after she fell asleep in his home office chair following an argument. Shortly after the video was posted online, several Botched fans called into question why Dr.

Se*xual Assault Allegations Against Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra

Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra was an orthopedic surgeon and employee of ABC Medical Center in the city of Curitiba, Brazil, who committed suicide after being accused of sexual assault in February 2018. Dr Quintella Bezerra was filmed on video attacking and kissing several young patients while they were under anesthesia during surgery.[1] After this video was released to the public, many more people came forward with similar stories about how Dr Quintella Bezerra had assaulted them while they were under anesthesia in other surgeries over his career as an orthopedic surgeon at the same hospital.

Is Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra’s Accusations of Se*xual Assault True?

Last week, an Argentinian judge ordered the arrest of Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra for the alleged sexual assault of 11 women, after reviewing testimony from the victims and related evidence. Quintella was not present at the hearing as he resides in Brazil and authorities had not yet issued an international warrant, but his Twitter account has been active ever since and he has commented on his arrest on several occasions, denying the allegations and claiming they are political persecution by Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s government.

Evidence 1 – Photos

In the first photo, Dr. Quintella Bezerra is seen standing behind a woman with his hands on her hips. The second photo shows him standing next to the same woman, with his hand on her breast. In the third photo, he is shown leaning in to kiss the same woman on the cheek. In the fourth photo, he is standing behind another woman with his hand on her buttocks. In the fifth photo, he is shown lying on top of a woman who appears to be asleep.

Evidence 2 – Tweets

In a video posted to Twitter, Dr. Quintella Bezerra can be seen allegedly assaulting a woman. The victim is heard screaming and crying as he tries to pull her clothes off. There is also a man in the background who appears to be filming the incident.

The video has since been deleted, but it was screen-recorded and posted by another user. The victim has not been identified and it is unclear when and where the incident took place.

Evidence 3 – Videos

The videos below show Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra in what appears to be a se*xual assault on a patient. In the first video, Dr. Bezerra is seen fondling the breasts of a woman who is lying on an exam table. In the second video, he is seen putting his hand between the legs of a woman who is also lying on an exam table. In both videos, the women appear to be unconscious or asleep.

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