Authorities in Copenhagen, Denmark are investigating a shooting at the Nordiska Kompaniet shopping mall that left 2 dead and 4 wounded. Witnesses say there was confusion and panic as shoppers scrambled to escape the shooter, who turned out to be Noah Esbensen, 37, from the city of Helsingør. Esbensen was reportedly carrying an AK-47 and wearing military fatigues, but it’s unclear if he fired his weapon before being shot by police on site.

Just hours ago, the streets of Copenhagen erupted in chaos after reports of a shooting broke out at the famous Torvehallerne, an upscale food market and food court with both indoor and outdoor seating. The incident left four dead, including the gunman and an 11-year-old child who was struck by stray bullets near the chaos. Additionally, five other children were wounded in the shooting, though their injuries are said to be non-life threatening. The gunman has since been identified as 22-year-old Danish citizen Noah Esbensen.

A gunman opened fire inside a busy shopping mall in the Danish capital Sunday, killing three people and critically wounding three others, police said. Deadly shooting at Copenhagen shopping mall; 3 killed and many injured. Copenhagen on Lockdown After Deadly Shopping Mall Shooting Gunman on the loose after shopping mall shooting in Copenhagen Copenhagen residents reeling after shopping mall shooting What we know so far about the deadly shooting at the Copenhagen shopping mall. Noah Esbensen YouTube Video – Know All about Noah Espensen Copenhagen Shopping Center Who is Noah Esbensen? Copenhagen | I don’t care | Noah Esbensen YouTube Video #Copenhagen #Denmark Noah Esbensen Copenhagen Shopping Center | Noah Esbensen Copenhagen Fields | Who is Noah Esbensen Who is Noah Esbensen ? Know All about Noah Espensen Copenhagen Shopping Center Noah Espensen | Noah Espensen Copenhagen Fields | Noah Espensen Copenhagen Shopping Center Deen muhd

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