VIDEO: Who Is DANIELLA HEMSLEY On TikTok? Queendqueenofd Leaked Video Went Viral On Twitter & Reddit!

The internet has been ablaze with the hashtag #Queendqueenofd, as people have banded together to try and find Daniella Hemsley’s TikTok video. The viral video has been stolen from her account on TikTok and leaked online, and now everyone wants to see it! Reddit users have even created an entire subreddit dedicated to finding her and her sister India Hemsley’s (also known as India Love) leaked videos!

Daniella Hemsley shared an NSFW video to her TikTok account called I’m The Queen — and people on Twitter and Reddit went wild over it! The 10-second clip shows Daniella, who rose to fame on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, wearing only a black, strapless bra and showing off her body in front of a blue background. The video quickly went viral on social media, where users had mixed reactions about Daniella’s racy video.

TikTok, an app that allows you to create music videos and share them with others, has become one of the most popular social media apps in 2019. A lot of celebrities and influencers use the app to reach their fanbases directly, and many have gained popularity through it (such as Daniella Hemsley). Unfortunately, some videos are leaked before they can be published on TikTok, so Daniella Hemsley’s leaked video went viral on Twitter and Reddit after it was posted by someone who wasn’t the intended audience. Here’s what happened…

How did queendqueenofd go viral?

Daniella Hemsley, daughter of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and owner of a wildly popular Instagram page with more than 1.3 million followers, has left many women in awe after she posted a video to her personal YouTube channel earlier today. The video shows DANIELLA HEMSLEY recording a personal message onto her mobile phone for an unidentified recipient, which was intended to be released after her death.

Queendqueenofd Lea**ked Video On Twitter!

More than a few people were taken aback by Daniella Hemsley’s new video, where she dances in her underwear. Don’t get me wrong – Daniella is famous for being one of Britain’s top trainers, but most people know her from TV or YouTube. Not from TikTok, one of China’s latest apps to hit Western shores. The video has gone viral on both Reddit and Twitter, with people divided over what it means for Daniella.

DANIELLA HEMSLEY On TikTok – Queendqueenofd Leaked Video Went Viral On Twitter & Reddit! DANIELLA HEMSLEY TikTok Video

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