Death of Costa Tich:
Bollywood actor and film director Satish Kaushik recently died of a heart attack. There was news that the famous South African artist and rapper Costa Tick passed away. Costa Teach performing on stage. Meanwhile, Costa suddenly collapses, and then the obituary arrives. A video of the incident went viral on social media. This is his final video.

Costa performed at the Ultra Music Festival in Johannesburg on Saturday. At the same time, he collapsed on stage and died. Costa died at just 27 years old. 

Costa tich death scene:

Fans are shocked by his passing. The Astra Music Festival on Saturday attracted many Costa fans. Costa sang several strong songs in this live show. However, no one expected this to be Costa’s last appearance.

In the video, Costa can be seen singing and dancing on stage. The crowd in front of him is cheering. Meanwhile, Costa suddenly collapses onto the stage. But the person standing next to him picks him up. He falls again shortly afterwards, just as Costa’s leg trips and he appears to fall… but this time he cannot get up. A run begins on stage. After the incident, Costa was immediately transferred to the hospital. After a while, however, news of his death arrived. South African celebrity Phil Mufera tweeted Saturday night to confirm the news of Costa’s death. 

Watch the video here:

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