Agreeing to a viral video that’s going around the web, rapper Blueface and his sweetheart got into a battle within the lanes of Hollywood. People started filming it, and after that it was posted online. The video rapidly got to be well known online, and it shows up that the couple had a battle and were purportedly included within the battling. Within the video, Blueface and his sweetheart lock in in a physical quarrel that in the long run closes with the two of them breaking up. Taking after the squabble, it was clear that the two were continually posting stories to their Instagram accounts and making fun of one another.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock Video

Agreeing to the viral video, a battle broke out between the previous couple, rapper Blueface, genuine title Jonathan Jamall Watchman, and his ex-girlfriend Chrisean Shake. At first, it showed up within the video that Shake was putting pressure on Blueface which she punched Blueface within the confront. At that point the man is seen taking the activity and setting Shake down on the ground. After a brief period of time, the individuals pacing the street settled the contention, and the two separated ways. Police were called after a flight was detailed lost, agreeing to the sources, and they arrived at the scene, but the two had as of now cleared out. The police have chosen that they will energetically anticipate the case.

The two were seen taking off together after their contention was settled. The two started sharing Instagram stories approximately one another after the contention, which was another advancement. Blueface begun it off by posting that Shake was the heavyweight winner of the world whereas making fun of the way she punched him. “You all don’t know her, I scarcely know her,” he proceeded. Blueface claimed that Shake cheated on him which Shake sent him private recordings of her and her current boyfriend in arrange to affect envy in Blueface or something comparable. Blueface included that somebody was endeavoring to serve as Rock’s bodyguard.

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