the model and on-screen character Antonio Ibáñez , known for his parts in arrangement such as ‘ Aída ‘, ‘ El Ministerio del Tiempo ‘ or ‘ La que se avecina ‘, has kicked the bucket at the age of 34.

Ibáñez passed absent due to cancer . The mediator himself was in charge of reporting fair a year prior that he endured from the illness .

Ibáñez uncovered on his social media accounts that he had been analyzed with lymphoma which he had to get chemotherapy treatment .

His possess Instagram account was capable for distributing an passionate message for his passing: “I have battled with all my might but I have not managed to win this battle. I truly wanted to live and continue creating art . “

“Even so, you may be able to see, feel and touch my purest energies in all my depictions. There you’ll be able to lose yourself in my excellent and liberal soul ,” he concluded.

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