An elite Post article almost the scandalous NFL player Antonio Brown parading himself before visitors at a luxurious Dubai inn incited him to go off on Twitter on Saturday.The vexed Professional Bowl wide recipient composed, “I discover it odd that untrue data proceeds to circulate almost me indeed after I retire.This is amusing since it happens at a time when the NFL is beneath fire for permitting players to play whereas clearly in concussion. Men of color have served as test subjects.At the Armani Lodging Dubai’s open air pool on May 14, inquisitive sightseers observed as Brown slammed his uncovered buttocks into the confront of a stunned lady. He at that point whipped his penis toward her after raising it over the water.In a video gotten by The Post, the lady at first chuckled off the consideration some time recently rapidly swimming absent to maintain a strategic distance from the divisive turf great.Every chance they get, they utilize me to avoid consideration absent from themselves. It is gem clear within the video that she takes my swim trunks,” he tweeted. Within the occasion that the parts were turned around, the features would studied, “AB having a wild night with a nud*e female.” But in case it’s me, it’s consequently a despise crime.WATCH FULL VIDEO HEREAgreeing to two witnesses who given articulations to The Washington Post, Brown over and over uncovered his priva*tes after the tape finished whereas shouting at the lady, “You need it?”The lady was allegedly seen raging and talking about the occurrence with other visitors within the lodging after getting to be unmistakably unsettled, concurring to the sources.Brown, an NFL free specialist and trying rapper, voyage to the Joined together Middle easterner Emirates to observe his companion, previous boxing winner Floyd Mayweather Jr., compete in an show coordinate there and perform some time recently the boxer entered the ring.

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