The internet was hit with the shocker of the year this week when it was leaked that Andre Drummond and Sam Puckett had an explicit video of themselves leaked on Twitter. The video shows footage of the two hooking up on multiple occasions, but that’s not even the most shocking part!

A shocking video has been released

Andre Drummond and Sam Puckett apparently have had a secret relationship. This video shows proof of their apparent tryst, and has been leaked on twitter.

The leads in the video were two stars in a major series on Nickelodeon

Andre Drummond, who plays A.D. on Nickelodeon’s The Next Step and Allison Scagliotti, who plays Nova on Eureka. In case you don’t watch or are too young to remember either series, don’t worry.

Who leaked it? Was it going to leak at all?

Andre Drummond & Sam Puckett Leaked VIDEO Released On Twitter It Was Supposed To Be A Private Viewing For Friends.

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