Surveillance video from Friday night inside of the "Hamilton Heights' Grocery on Broadway newar W. 139th. st. Bodega worker Jose Alba 51, is seen plunging a knife into the neck & chest of Austin Simon 37, killing him after a dispute over a bag of chips. no credit.

New York Attorney General Alvin Bragg dropped the remaining charges against bodega employee Jose Alba, who was arrested on animal cruelty charges after torturing and killing a cat on video in an attempt to intimidate one of his employees who would not pay him protection money. Despite believing Alba to be guilty of the crimes he was arrested for, Bragg decided to drop the charges because they were not in the interest of justice. In response, Alba’s lawyer issued a statement accusing Bragg of bowing to political pressure, saying that the people of New York deserve better than this.

A New York attorney general has dropped his case against the bodega employee who took out an ad in the New York Times after his employer refused to pay him overtime he was owed. The Attorney General’s Office decided not to pursue this case any further, said Alvin Bragg, the attorney representing Jose Alba, in an interview with The Huffington Post.

New York Attorney General Alvin Bragg drops fees in opposition to bodega employee Jose Alba, according to reports. The New York Attorney General’s office announced Thursday morning that charges against the bodega employee had been dropped following an investigation into the event that transpired earlier this month, saying that prosecuting Mr. Alba on these charges would have been inconsistent with our prosecutorial responsibilities.

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