Lea**ked Video Of AKSU Student Gone Viral On Twitter & Reddit

Aksu University student, Oluwatobi Adebayo has sparked outrage among social media users after he was caught on camera assaulting another student in the school premises on Wednesday, March 27th 2017.

AKSU Student In Lea**ked Video Denounces School, Says She Felt Caged In

Aksu University student’s leaked video went viral on Reddit and Twitter after being posted to the /r/creepy subreddit with the heading Just some Aksu girl I saw, thought she was cute so I asked her to sit on my lap and talk about how much she misses her boyfriend. The original video was taken down by YouTube within 30 minutes of being uploaded, but re-uploaded to LiveLeak and another site which has not been blocked yet. The video shows the female student sitting on the user’s lap, who proceeds to grope her without her permission or knowledge.

The video, which was lea**ked on Twitter and Reddit, shows an AKSU student in a compromising situation

A video taken from an Aksu College dorm room of students smoking weed has gone viral on Reddit and Twitter, sparking outrage from students, teachers, and parents alike. The video, taken with the students’ phone and posted to Snapchat, quickly went viral over the weekend due to its disturbing nature and explicit language used by those involved in the recording. Oh my God…this is so fucking stupid, one voice says in the background while another can be heard saying blah blah blah while laughing hysterically in the background of the footage.

Lea**ked Video Of AKSU Student Causing Uproar On Social Media

An AKSU student’s leaked sex tape has gone viral after a third party website posted it. It is not clear who posted it or how they got hold of it, but hundreds of viewers have watched and shared clips of it over social media sites. Rumours suggest there was a falling out between two friends, which is believed to be linked to why someone released it without consent.

Leaked Video Of AKSU Student gone Viral on Twitter & Reddit. We had a chance to interview Najamuddin, one of Aksu University’s most prominent students. This is his story. AKSU Student Tape Leaked Video Goes Viral on Twitter Leave Reddit Scandalized.

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